Welcome to Snowy Oak Rabbitry!

   Magpie's: Bucks Blue, Doe's Pink

 These are my magpie's.



CB's Spice

  • BOB County Fair 2009
  • BOS County Fair 2010
  • 1 of 2 Badger 3/14/2010
    2 Legs 
    Parents: Domino X Sarah






CB's Caramel 


Has a great facial divide and all four leg alts are correct, already has one BOB to his name as a Jr. at the Waukesha County Fair. 

Parents: Jude X CB's Sweet 16


CB's Hollywood 

 Pictured at 7 weeks.

Great little buck out of Blizzard X Oreo. Awesome three part frontal and nice banding.


 RIS- Waukesha county fair 



Granite's Sidney


CB's Oreo

Nice little brood doe Parents: Jude X Sweet 16

  Pictured at 8 weeks

CB's Cloud 

Great little doe with great banding Parents: Jude X CB's Sweet 16(Picture at 8 weeks)

JNR's Aurora

Cute Doe from Jn R's Muddy Creek Critters. Pics coming soon

CB's Elsa 

 CB's Bandit X CB's Cloud 


CB's Stripes

Great little doe 3 part frontal, banding, and leg alts. (Pictures don't do her justice!!)

Parents CB's Caramel X Sidney




 CB's Stewy

 Awesome little buck out of CB's Caramel x CB's Elsa

 Blue magpie buck with amazingly dark color and a beautiful face split.  Pictured at 7 weeks 

 CB's Spot

 Cute buck out of CB's Spice and CB's Oreo

 He has great banding and leg splits. 



CB's Blackie 

 Little doe out of CB's Hollywood and JNR's Aurora 

 She has amazingly dark rich color with correct alterations, lacking a little in banding but I am so excited to see what kind of babies she throws!


CB's Jasmine

Adorable doe with super dark color and all the correct alterations out of

CB's Hollywood x JNR's Aurora.