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Sales policy:

 If you are interested in a rabbit I will hold it for 2 weeks without a deposit, after that I require a  50% non-refundable deposit or they will go back up for sale. If you choose not to take the rabbit the deposit will NOT be refunded. If something should happen to the rabbit prior to pick up then and only then will the deposit be refunded. Sorry I DO NOT SHIP MY RABBITS, unless you can arrange transportation. I am willing to meet up to an hour away for a gas charge. I reserve the right to back out of any sale at anytime for any reason.


HOLD: someone is interested but have not recieved deposit

PENDING: Deposit was recieved

SOLD: I have been paid in full and rabbit has been picked up 


 ALL of my harlequins have full pedigree's.

  Bucks in BLUE, Does in PINK!

Jude X CB's Jassmine D.O.B 4/28/16

Litter of 8 great mamma hasn't lost a baby, great color and banding/baring on all of them, and most have the ear and leg splits but are lacking face splits. Litter has 2 black and 6 chocolate magpies.


Buck 1 (on LEFT): I am keeping, NOT FOR SALE

Buck 2 (on RIGHT): Great banding and color quality, has an ear and face split but they are on the same side. Would be showable, and would make a great addition to a breeding program. ~$30 SOLD

BUCK 3 (on LEFT): Nice big buck with good banding and solid ear and front leg splits (on the correct sides) lacks a face split. Brood only ~$20

Buck 4 (on RIGHT): Also has nice bars and a very definite ear and leg split. Has better color quality than the buck on the left. Lacks a face split so brood only. ~$25 SOLD


Bucks 2-4 in another picture. (2 is in the middle) 




 Doe 1 (Farthest left) - Very rich color and color density, great banding and has a solid ear split. Lacks a defined face split. Brood only ~$35 -SOLD

Doe 2 (Second from left) - Nice banding and has the correct ear and leg alteration, lacks a face split but would still make a great brood through her color density and nice banding~$30 -SOLD

Doe 3 (Second from Right) - Has solid banding and color, may be keeping her as a brood, if not $35 -SOLD

Doe 4 (Farthest Right) -Really nice clean banding on this girl, also has the ear and leg split, lacks a face split, and she will be a little on the smaller side. Brood only ~$25 -SOLD

CB's Spice X CB's Oreo D.O.B 6/22/15

Litter of 4 big, healthy babies, one sold and one I'm keeping, two still available. 

 Left: DOE, BROOD OR PET QUALITY. Nice big doe with plenty of energy. Would make a fun pet or 4-H rabbit hopping project, could also be used in a breeding program.

$20 with pedigree, $15 without. SOLD

 Right: BUCK, BROOD OR PET QUALITY. Good little buck with decent banding and a great personality.

$20 with pedigree, $15 without SOLD


CB's Woody X JNR's Aurora 6/20/15

Left: DOE, BROOD OR PET QUALITY. Nice doe with good banding and color. Pet or brood only due to having a bald face. Would make a great family pet. $20 with full pedigree, $15 without SOLD

Right: BUCK, BROOD OR SMALL SHOW QUALITY. Great buck with strong color and banding. Great ear alterations and some color on his face. SOLD


CB's Caramel X CB's Elsa 6/21/15 

 Litter of 6, keeping one. 

Left: DOE, BROOD OR PET QUALITY. Nice doe with good personality and color. Has nice banding and partial face split. $20 with pedigree, $15 without. SOLD

Right: BUCK, BROOD OR SMALL SHOW QUALITY. Pretty buck with full face split and strong banding. $30 with pedigree, $25 without. SOLD 

 Left: DOE, PET OR BROOD QUALITY. Cute nearly all white doe but does have a frond leg split and a few stripes. Super cute and would make a great family pet.

$20 with pedigree, $15 without SOLD

 Right: BUCK, PET OR BROOD QUALITY. Another nearly all white cutie. Has some stripes and some color on his face. Great potential pet! SOLD



Netherland Dwarfs

None at this time.

 For more pictures of any of the For Sale rabbits pleace E-mail.